Chinese GF International

The first product of FTSE China A ETF is listed on London Stock Exchange

Date: 2017-01-12 Source: GF Fund


On Jan 12, 2017, the first product of FTSE China A ETF, launched by GF International, the wholly owned subsidiary of GF Fund, is listed on London Stock Exchange. It is the first time for all wholly owned subsidiaries of Chinese asset managers in Europe to launch a public offering mutual fund in European market.

  The fund is tracking the performance of FTSE China A Index, which is a market cap weighted index pursuing capital gains from China A share market. As of Oct. 31, 2016, FTSE China A Index comprises 779 stocks listed on both Shanghai & Shenzhen markets.

  Congyang Guo, CEO of GF International, said: “FTSE China A Index covers almost all component stocks of CSI 300 Index & CSI 500 Index, that means the index comprises large cap & small cap stocks of China A share market. The index can satisfy medium-long term investment requirements of large pension funds/sovereign funds/insurance funds in Europe, also the allocation requirements of FOF & private banks.