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Forge ahead hand in hand to create a better future —— New Year's Message from Wang Fan, General Manager of GF Fund

Date: 2020-12-31 Source: GF Fund


  Waving goodbye to 2020, we have experienced an extraordinary year together.

  In this year, the epidemic spread across the world, changing people's lifestyles, intensifying the countercurrent of globalization, and bringing about the most severe economic challenges since World War II.

  In this year, the international environment has become increasingly complex, the international balance of power has been profoundly adjusted, and the instability has increased significantly.

  In this year, the volatility of global financial market intensified. U.S. stocks plummeted, triggering the ‘circuit breaker’ four times. Besides, crude oil prices plummeted, and many people’s investment philosophies had to undergo reshaping again and again...

  Emergency events caught us off guard, and "uncertainty" became the key word of this year. I believe all those moments in 2020 will make us grow up.

  Our country is stronger. Effective epidemic control has enabled China to take the lead in resuming production and work, becoming the only major economy in the world to achieve positive economic growth; the uncertainty of the external environment has not affected us to manage our own affairs.Decisive achievements have been made in the three critical battles, major progress has been realized in technological innovations, and continuous breakthroughs have been achieved with the process of reform and opening up.

  Our society is more united. The resilience of economic growth has invigorated us, and everyone’s national self-confidence has increased; the anti-epidemic and flood-fighting heroes, who have fought on the front line, have given us strength, and everyone’s sense of social responsibility has increased; the lockdown during the epidemic period has allowed us to turn our attention from ourselves to those around us, and as ar result, the vulnerable groups received more attention and care.

  Our industry has improved even more. The management scale of mutual funds exceeded RMB 18 trillion, and the issuance of funds exceeded RMB 3 trillion. Mutual funds were understood and recognized by more people, and carried the wealth increasewishes of more families.Investment performance records continued to be refreshed, and 55 funds realized double returns during the year.The active management ability of mutual funds to beat benchmarks has once again been verified by the market; the industry culture of “compliance, integrity, professionalism, and stability” has become the value guidance and spiritual support of fund companies. The industry continues to innovate systems and mechanisms to ensure thatthe interests of the fund holders, employees and shareholders can be more closely linked.

  GF Fund has also experienced growth and transformation. In 2020, GF Fund has been recognized by more and more investors.The number of customers has increased significantly, and the scale of management has increased accordingly. We have provided asset management services to more than 90 million customers, and the full-scale of asset under management has exceeded one trillion. The recognition of customers makes us happy. We are grateful for entrusting, and we also deeply feel the great responsibility. It is always our goal, which we have been working hard on, to make our customersfeel more comfortable andeased.

  Facing the market environment with increasing uncertainties in 2020, we have strengthened risk management and retracement control, and guided the performance of investment managers to be more stable through collective decision-making by committees, step-by-step position building system, strengthening investment process management and performance attribution. We hope to guide investors through the challenging 2020.

  In the face of investors' concerns about the management capabilities of large-scale funds, we actively explored and optimized the management model. We aim at empowering fund managers through strengthening systematic construction, and developing research and risk control support. We also hope to expand the capacity of fund managers byteammanagement, as well as recruiting more staff with complementary investment backgrounds.

  Faced with the emergence of low- and medium-risk customer groups in the context of bank wealth management transformation, we focus on cultivating the ability to invest morestably, and integrate the investment strengths of all partsincluding equities, bonds, quants, and asset allocation to jointly develop stable return investment strategies. Starting from multiple dimensions such as return/retracememt targets, investment portfolios, etc., we desire to build a type ofproductswith stable income characteristics.

  In 2020, we actively transformed and challenged ourselves. In 2021, we want to do more.

  Based on the foundation established during the 40 years of reform and opening up, as well as duringthe 30 years of development of capital market, we believe that the wealth management market is about to prosper in a period of vigorous development: residents’ wealth continues to accumulate, stimulating huge wealth management needs; capital market reforms are deepened, continuously improving the investment environment; Institutional entities are more standardized, ensuring the stability and long-term development of the wealth management industry. In the thriving wealth management market, GF Fund will not forget its original aspiration, and will forge ahead, strive to become a high-quality asset management institution with professionalism, customer trust, compliance and stability.

  Firstly, we aim at improving professional ability and contributing to the increase of investors’ wealth. We will continue to develop diversified investment capabilities, enrich the supply of products and strategies, and meet the individualized and diversified wealth management needs of investors. Based on in-depth research, we will enhance the value discovery capabilities to help investors share the dividends of national economic growth.We will strengthen the refined management of the investment process, promote the distinctive and stable investment style, and create long-term, stable, and sustainable returns for investors.

  Secondly, we insist on the supremacy of customer interests and enhance the satisfaction for investors.We will continue to consolidate investment capabilities, focus on risk control and performance stability, cultivate more products with a sound income style, and provide investors with reliable investment tools. At the same time, wewill actively promote the optimization and upgrade of service models, provides more refined and professional asset allocation services for customers' personalized needs, and solves the practical problems of "difficulty in timing" and "difficulty in selecting".

  Thirdly, we adhere to compliance and stable operation and the fund holders can be rest assured. We will adhere to the prerequisite of compliance with laws and regulations, the principle of prudent operation, and the support of risk management to continuously improve the level of refinement, scientific and standardization of management, and escort customers' investment and financial management.

  The stars live up to the passers-by. GF Fund will continue to maintain a high-spirited state of mind, work hard and keep responsibility to fulfill its original intention and mission, use professionalism and sincerity to watch the value of investment management, and write a brilliant chapter of wealth management with all the efforts. In the new year, let us walk hand in hand, live up to the times, and create a better future for wealth management!

  Finally, I wish you all a Happy New Year and a happy family!