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GF Fund donates 2 million yuan to the disaster areas in Henan Province

Date: 2021-07-22 Source: China Net Finance

  Recently, Henan Province has experienced extremely heavy rainfall, and many regions have suffered severe floods. The disaster has touched the hearts of people across the country. On July 22, GF Fund announced that it would donate 2 million yuan to Henan through the Guangdong GF Fund Charity Foundation to fully support the disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction work in the area affected by the heavy rainfall in Henan.

  GF Fund has been established for nearly 18 years. While strictly fulfilling its fiduciary duties and practicing inclusive finance businesses, it insists on giving back to the society with responsibilities and contributing to the harmonious development of the world. Since 2021, the company has donated a total of nearly 13.5 million yuan to support education, poverty alleviation, epidemic fighting, flood relief and reconstruction, and other projects.

  Currently faced with the severe situation, GF Fund pays tribute to every rescuer who fought on the front line. Our company will continue to pay close attention to the situation of the flood and actively assist in flood fighting and disaster relief. Let us keep united, help each other, and hope that the future would become brighter.