Chinese GF International

Discretionary Account


Our Team & Products 


GF Fund received the qualification to engage in business for discretionary accounts in February, 2008. Our discretionary account team is familiar with China’s capital market and has a profound understanding of listed companies, domestic macroeconomic and capital market development with extensive experience in the fields of self-operated business, fund investment, investment banking and equity research.  


Our departments of Equity Investment and Quantitative Investment are in charge of the thematic investing and quantitative hedging respectively. We pursue investment returns by using various strategies such as flexible configuration of stocks, index futures and private placement.  


Competitive Advantages 


High-End Financial Services 

We provide our clients who enjoy exclusive service from our discretionary account team with tailoring investment solutions to meet their unique investment needs.  


Return Seeking 

Our discretionary account portfolio does not participate in market rankings but seeks absolute returns through strategically investing. 


Flexible Investment 

With minimal investment restrictions, our discretionary account portfolios are able to capture opportunities by taking everything into consideration. 


Mutual Benefits 

Our incentive compensation mechanism effectively makes our managers’ interests in line with the interests of our clients.